1. When do my payments come out each month?
On the 1st or 15th

2. Do I need a key fob?
Yes, they are mandatory for all members.

3. What is the cost of a key fob and swipe card?

4. What is the Rate Guarantee Fee?
This fee is taken out in August and February each year. It guarantees your rate will never go up as long as you are on this membership!

5. What are the membership options?
3 months for $39/month with a $40 initiation fee
12 months for $29/month, no initiation fee, but a $19 fee twice per year

6. What is in included in a membership?
All classes, gym equipment, towels

7. Are there other amenities available at the gym?
We have a full service Spa on-site, Childcare, Registered Massage Therapy and Nutrition Services.

8. Returns
If your product is delivered to you damaged, please bring the item to our location at 283 Northfield Drive, Waterloo and we will replace it or send it back and we will send a new one.